Getting Started with Stackato, finally published!

After a long absence from blogging (much longer than I had intended!), I am excited to announce that the micro-book I have been working on about the essentials of the Stackato PaaS system by ActiveState is finally ready and available on Leanpub.  Hopefully I will be back to blogging again soon.  Presently a number of […]

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Functional Testing to Improve Quality Assurance (part 2)

In the first post about functional testing, we went through the basics of what functional testing is and how it complements and differs from other types of testing used for software quality assurance.  This time, I will spend some time talking about using functional testing in a practical sense to set up a testing suite […]

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Functional Testing to Improve Quality Assurance (part 1)

It is has been a long few weeks away from the keyboard, but moving to a new home can be a very time consuming proposition.  Regardless, it is great to be blogging again.  For this week, I wanted to focus on some different types of automated testing other than unit testing that can help developers […]

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Make it Testable…No Matter how Painful it is

Lately I have been working on a rather large application; you know…the kind that replaces 15 year old software written in a language deader than Atakapa with a code structure that is strikingly similar to the Wednesday Night Special at Notini’s Italian Eatery (oh I miss that place sometimes).  To top it all off, the system has […]

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PHP 5.5 Preview: New Password Hashing API

Recently PHP 5.5 was released into beta, which puts us one step closer to another release of PHP.  This week, I thought I would spend a little time explaining a new feature that will be implemented in 5.5 that will hopefully make dealing with passwords easier for developers to grasp and properly implement.  I cannot […]